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L.A.S.E.R. Project is a collaboration of Jack T Services LLC and Blessed and Know It Ministries. The two individuals who make up this company, Jack Thomas and Jasheena Shelton have over 15 years of combined experience working with youth and families. Jack Thomas began his journey working in the residential setting here in Marion County before becoming a community-based provider. Those residential settings include Lutheran Child & Family Services and Damar. While in the residential setting, Jack Thomas serviced as a shift lead supervisor while at Lutheran Child & Family Services and a classroom lead assistant while at Damar.  Jack Thomas has worked closely with juvenile probation, Choices Inc, Marion County DCS, Indianapolis Public Schools, Pike Township Elementary Schools, and Lawrence Township Elementary Schools, Indy Parks & Recreation, and other DCS agencies surrounding Marion County. Jack Thomas also has been certified through DMHA to provide CMHW and CMHI Wraparound Services. Jasheena began working with “at-risk youth” at Childhelp USA where she was a Resident Advisor. While at Childhelp, Jasheena made a difference in the lives of youth who have experienced trauma and/or who have significant emotional and behavioral challenges. She supported youth in developing the skills they need to successfully transition home to families. Taught age appropriate life skills coping skills and social skills through modeling counseling and other techniques. Participated in both on-site and off-site recreational/educational activities. Maintained a safe and supportive environment. She was able to facilitate, engage and support youth in all activities, including school, wake-up and bedtime routines, meals, chores, recreation, religious services, court preparation, court attendance, family visits, health care visits and other activities as necessary. Jasheena also worked with youth in crisis at Lutheran Child and Family Services. These youth often displayed emotional or behavioral problems, truancy, low academic performance, showing a lack of interest for academics, and expressing a disconnection from the school environment. While there she worked with youth who on their short-term goals on an ongoing basis and assist them to make changes as needed. She regularly documented all progress toward goals and objectives on a progress or group notes. She helped to maintain a secure, therapeutic environment that provided youth the information, skills, and motivation to succeed while they received the therapeutic and educational support that was needed in a residential environment. She was also able to use verbal de-escalation and physical control techniques approved for intervention with verbally and or physically aggressive youth.

While doing work in the local community both individuals noticed a growing trend of youth and adults who were struggling daily with conflict resolution skills, anger management, social skills and literacy. Many individuals whom we encountered could not read or write. It was discovered that due to the trauma that many individuals encountered throughout their life, many were not able to receive an adequate education or did not have basic life skills due to their past environments. This prompted Jack Thomas and Jasheena Shelton to sit and think of a unique creative way to help trauma informed individuals with basic services so they can overcome and be successful citizens in today’s economy. After brainstorming and being willing to collaborate, the company L.A.S.E.R. Project was created